How to promote my music on SoundCloud in a good way?

Your music is your passion, and that’s a wonderful thing. But if it’s also your business, then you’re going to have to spend some time outside of the studio promoting it.

Of course, if you can get maximum reach with minimum effort, all the better. Here are our top tips to answer your question: How to promote my music on SoundCloud in a good way.

  1. Consider going “PRO.”
    If it’s in your budget, $15 a month for SoundCloud’s Pro Unlimited account will give you a few powerful tools to help maximize your promoting efforts in less time, giving you more hours to spend doing what you love: playing music.2. Perform Live Online.
    Get onStageit.comand connect directly with your fans. This platform will allow you to broadcast a live streaming show directly from your laptop to your fans all over the world.23. Build an Email List.
    Give your fans a chance to keep up with your concert dates, new releases on SoundCloud, and other events by subscribing to your newsletter. Email is the best way to stay directly connected to your fans and there are several good tools that can help you do this such as AWeber, or MailChimp.4. Online communities/Forums.
    Be active in online communities and forums such as Reddit, Quora or the ones specific to music only such as Harmony Central or MusicDiscussion.5. YouTube Videos.
    Everybody knows that YouTube is the most popular site for music videos on the web. If you don’t have the budget for a high-quality music video, be creative (you’re a musician, after all) and make a video of yourself backstage before a show. You can even just use your smart phone or digital camera.

    6. Promoting on Social Media.
    Yes, you’re going to have to spend some time on social media to directly promote your music, as well as just connecting with fans, other musicians, and anybody in the music industry. It’s called “social” media for a reason, so join in the conversations to get your name around.

    7. Hire a Marketing Company.
    This is a good idea for two reasons. First, because doing all the promoting on Social Media by yourself is a time sucking task. Yes, you need to spend some time with your accounts personally, but if you can “outsource” the majority of it, you’ll have more time to spend on more artistic pursuits.

    The second reason that hiring a social media company is a good idea is because the good ones will already have relationships with influencers in the music industry. All you need is a few well-timed mentions by someone with tens of thousands of targeted followers to boost your audience awareness to the next level. This is a very cost-effective way to get lots of listeners fast. That is exactly what our website will provide you.

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