Tips to set up a perfect SoundCloud profile

Set up a perfect Soundcloud profile that sets you up for success on the platform and beyond. There are so many great ways to utilise Soundcloud and really build your profile. Get to know:
1. Consistency is key
Firstly, make sure your URL is the same as your other socials. If your Facebook is then your Soundcloud should be . The same goes for your Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Mixcloud, YouTube and every other platform you utilise.
2. First impressions!
Artists need to think about their imagery and branding from the get-go. Even if it means not setting up a page for a few months until you have that perfect picture taken or a friend has designed a winning logo, really striking visuals will instantly grab people’s attention.
3. Include the essential information
Keep your bio description as minimal and lean as possible. Make it short, punchy and any label affiliations or big DJ or radio support you’ve had so far. Most importantly, ensure a contact email address is clear and visible for bookings, remix or label requests.
4. Include all your socials
Don’t leave any site out: Your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube accounts should all be included. This means your Fame Music account too!
5. Follow artists you’re into
This might seem a little obvious, but so many artists simply upload their tracks and seemingly ignore the fact that many of their peers and influences also use Soundcloud. By doing so means you won’t enjoy the other massive benefit of Soundcloud – finding new music! Following artists will also come in handy with the community aspect of Soundcloud… which we’ll get to in a moment.

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