When and Why You Should Buy SoundCloud Followers to Build your Fanbase

Buy SoundCloud Followers

Every musician on SoundCloud wants the same thing – more fans. From that they want more SoundCloud fans, more people at their concerts, more people buying their merchandise, and more people throwing their underwear at them on stage. You can buy SoundCloud followers to help you get to that point in your career, and this article will talk about why this is the case and how you can do it.

So for all those musicians out there who use SoundCloud to promote their music, whether you have a brand new account, or a well established one, get ready to learn some important information. Let’s get your account growing, and your fanbase swelling, so that all you’ll have to do is determine which roadie picks up all the underwear.

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Buy SoundCloud Followers – Grow Fanbase – Dominate World

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Something that you should know about the music industry, and the world in general really, is that nothing is as successful as something that is successful. Sound confusing? It isn’t really. On SoundCloud, this idea borrows from a well established psychological concept known as social proof. This concept acknowledges that we, humans, are a social species. When we see something doing well, like a SoundCloud account with a lot of followers, we’re more prone to trust this account and follow it too.

As you can guess from thimusic note 3s, having a large number of SoundCloud followers leads to even more SoundCloud followers. Just like how getting played on the radio often gets you more fans, or how a video in heavy rotation sees your album sales spike. It’s all related to social proof and how we react as a socially inclined species.

Buying SoundCloud followers with a new account

When you’re a brand new band on SoundCloud, looking to go from your mom’s basement to Wembley Stadium, you have to start somewhere. For many bands this involves music sharing platforms like SoundCloud.

Now what’s the worst possible thing that could happen to your SoundCloud account if you want to get more followers? To have NO followers! This is social proof in a negative light – if no one likes your band, no one will like your band. And if you keep rehearsing in your mom’s basement literally NO ONE will like your band at all!

bass clefThis is the perfect time to start off with a SoundCloud followers package from us. You can start with a smaller package, about 1,000 SoundCloud followers, to get your band off the ground. Once you start posting tracks you’ll immediately start to notice more followers joining you because of social proof, not to mention what this will do for your SoundCloud plays.

The lesson here is you buy SoundCloud followers to start your account, not sustain it. You still need to post songs, interact with fans, and, get this, make great music! You’re buying followers on SoundCloud to gain the vital social proof you need!

Buy SoundCloud followers with an established account

You’ve played a few shows, released an album, and finally had a tour. Maybe you’ve even had a video hit on YouTube. Your SoundCloud account is established with real fans, and you even have one pair of souvenir underwear from your concert in Des Moines. Great! You’re well on your way!

Now you need to reach that next plateau of music stardom, and a little push can help you. You’re going to want to buy SoundCloud followers with your established account right around your next big push. This can be:

  • Right around the release of your new album
  • When you release a new video
  • As a push for your next single on SoundCloud
  • As you’re out on tour getting more people interested in your SoundCloud account
  • Right after you’re mentioned on a big TV show

As you can see, you’ll want to buy SoundCloud followers to reinforce something that’s going on in the real world of your music career. The followers that you purchase are going to be there as part of your momentum. This creates a groundswell of followers going to your account as they see it growing – like a snowball rolling downhill!

music note 6If this is the position your band is in, you’d be wise to use a larger package of followers from us. You can start out at around the 2,000 SoundCloud followers level and maybe add another 1,000 with that, and work your way up to the 500,000 SoundCloud followers limit if your band is ready for that type of success.

Be sure to not go too far overboard so that you don’t alienate your current fans, and so that you keep things in proportion. No one ever increases their SoundCloud followers without something going on in the rest of their music marketing. Be sure to buy followers when you’re really pushing some aspect of your music hard for the best results!

Social proof, SoundCloud, and being the most popular band you can be

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Everything about your band’s success will come down to social proof in some way. Whether it’s:

  • One fan telling another fan to give you music a listen
  • A video with heavy rotation
  • Your SoundCloud account having many followers

It’s all social proof. The difference is you can control how many SoundCloud followers are on your account, and when they’re delivered, to make sure that your account has the best impact on all of the droves of real fans who will follow your account, buy your albums, see you on tour, and hurl their underwear in your general direction.




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