Basic Psychology to Get More Twitter Followers

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Recently,The Internet plays an important role of sharing messages. Twitter does much to level the playing field for it. However to reach the audience you’re interested in and gain their attention is not too simple and ‘How do I get more followers?’ becomes the grand question.

Psychology is the way to help people discover and understand not only ourselves but also the rest of the world clearly. And why dont we use it to achieve Twitter’s problems?

These five psychology techniques will work efectively on any Twitter account, just use them suitablely in your situation and watch your Twitter follower numbers grow!

1. The real Images with your own chracteristic, your own style

What makes on person different from thousands ones else on earth?

What makes their photos identified with others?

We dont talk about text constricted to 140 characters or less. It also isn’t cute hashtag. It’s YOU, Yourself. Pay your attention to pictures of faces. It should appear more human and relatable, speacially profie picture. Get more twitter followers by taking advantage of psychology is an interesting. Here are some useful stratagems:

  • I prefer a head shot for your profile picture. If you’re a brand,  using the CEO, president or spokesperson picture is good. If that’s not right, if you want to use others, please makes them  human-ish. I mean, they’ve got two eyes, a mouth, and a nose.  It will definetly works on Twitter.
  • Add human face into your banner image. If you’re a company, try a group office shot.  If you’re a single person running an account, a montage of glamor shots helps alot.
  • Tweets will also requires to include more human faces. Not only get more Twitter followers, you also to get more retweets although this is  a little bit sneaky way.

The journey to your own humanity gets closer and shorter, The time of looking like a bunch of text on a screen has gone away. More humans, Less Computer or Machine. Now You’ve learned it.

2. Give people more chances to interact and identify with you, with each others

The higher peak of looking like a more human on Twitter account is that you’ve made people feel like they’re interacting with you. This known as self-perception theory. In a Twitter context, dont forget to create tweets that your fans, and the followers you want and they will identify with.

Take the case of Michael Jordan – one of the most famous, and greatest, of people to have lived in our lifetime. How could he create tweets that people identify with? Look at this.

They took the Legend – MJ23, Air Jordan, and reminded people he went to high school too. Wearing  these  shoes makes his fans  remember the days when they beat high school gym floors, dribbling a basketball, trying to be like him.

This is a perfect example of how you can get into the minds of your followers and make them feel something straight to their hearts and relate to how to see themselves. Boost the commonalities that your Twitter account has and watch your numbers of engagement  grow as they think to themselves “Ya, I know that feeling too!”

3. Bandwagon welcomes eveybody

The third factor you have to take notice after looking human, identifying with them as humans is tget more twitter followerso be social like a human. The lesson on how to get more Twitter followers is still going on.

In your life, you’ve already seen the bandwagon effect. Its when the team you supported all year long suddenly has more fans than you remember come playoff time, started to succeed, more people identified with the team as they wanted to be seen as successful. The bandwagon effect can also come out in your tweets. A tweet asking people to join team or follow  somebody to get some thing special  are using the bandwagon effect. This is why people usually use Build My Plays. I’ve tried it and there is no doubt that it works perfectly with extremely simple steps. People see your account as successful, and more people follow you as a result. 

Why do you think every musician has nicknames for their fans? Beliebers, Swifties, Directioners…are a smart way  to get more fans as they connect with other people who say ”Hi, I’m a Belieber too!!!” That is the way how they connect and interact to each others.

4. Reverse psychology work or not ?

Try and see if reverse psychology works or not? Reverse psychology surely does work on Twitter to grow your follower account. It makes people curious and creates a craving  to prove those who say it wrong. It is not really negative if you know how suitable to use.

Sometimes, you can use it and then to great effect on your most surprising or unusual content. Those accounts’  tweet  has an impressive headline like  ”You won’t BELIEVE what this girl did..”. Its really a  great annoyance – but soon become success.

This girl, slightly cheeky, but 35 retweets for an unknown author that is not a bad result.

So, now you have learned the way basic psychology help grow your Twitter following. Among the thousand messy way recently, its absolutely an interesting method. Because the Psychology is always be there, so simple but so effective, and maybe you’re already doing without realising their psychological effects. Now that you start being aware of, start thinking of ways that you can further improve your psychological Twitter strategies to motivate people to follow your account and do the things like retweet, reply, favorite… that you’d like them to do.

Hope You’ll soon become a thoroughly clicked, and well followed, Twitter account great thousands of followers!

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