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Videos are a unique and highly effective method to deliver your message to the suitable people where and when they want it. They’re simple to publish, easy to share, and — thanks to today’s technology — comparatively affordable to create. If YouTube isn’t currently a part of your advertising and marketing combine, now could be the time to think about what on-line video marketing can do for you.

Companies of all sizes and shapes are using YouTube to make significant connections with their customers. is a wonderful example to comply with. They’re an online-only retailer that focuses on vintage-themed style.’s foray into video marketing began with a simple video tutorial on how you can tie scarves. Along with DIY style tips, the company went on to create a wide selection of compelling content that speaks to the interests of their clients.

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Sooner or later in your career as a musician you might have been on your SoundCloud account your dismal SoundCloud plays. You may have questioned whether it is best for you to buy SoundCloud plays and get these numbers up so that you just look extra profitable to people who come by your website. People respond to successful music – how else do you clarify Nickelback having a career? – and more SoundCloud plays results in more SoundCloud plays.

I want to provide you an sincere look at the pros and cons of what occurs once you buy SoundCloud plays. There are certainly some pros, however it might not be fair to leave out the cons. We’re about empowering you to make the best choice for you on Build My Plays.

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7 Best Ways to Promote Music on SoundCloud

When you’re on SoundCloud, and also you want to know promote your music digitally, you’re going to need to be ready to put your self out there. Whereas SoundCloud itself is a wonderful music promotion tool, and I’ll take a look at that in this article, it works greatest when it’s being used alongside other on-line advertising and marketing ways.

This post willto provide you seven methods to promote music on SoundCloud. Read all through for our typical featured track right here in SoundCloud marketing articles written on Build My Plays!

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buy soundcloud plays

Since lаunсhing in 2008 Sоundсlоud hаѕ become thе number one рlаtfоrm for еlесtrоniс muѕiс producers and DJs tо ѕhаrе thеir trасkѕ аnd mix-ѕеtѕ.

Hеrе iѕ a bluерrint guidе аbоut hоw to get аѕ muсh as роѕѕiblе оut of уоur Sоundсlоud platform. 7 tips on how to get more plays on SoundCloud аnd bооѕt уоur ѕоundсlоud profile in gеnеrаl.

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Buy SoundCloud Followers

Every musician on SoundCloud wants the same thing – more fans. From that they want more SoundCloud fans, more people at their concerts, more people buying their merchandise, and more people throwing their underwear at them on stage. You can buy SoundCloud followers to help you get to that point in your career, and this article will talk about why this is the case and how you can do it.

So for all those musicians out there who use SoundCloud to promote their music, whether you have a brand new account, or a well established one, get ready to learn some important information. Let’s get your account growing, and your fanbase swelling, so that all you’ll have to do is determine which roadie picks up all the underwear.

As is the tradition on the Devumi blog, all SoundCloud posts have a track from SoundCloud that I like embedded at the bottom!

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There are several easy things you can do right off of the bat to help establish your presence on Soundcloud and there are best way to get more plays and followers on SoundCloud:

Best day/time of the week to release songs. Sundays 5PM GMT. Why? most SC users have daily jobs during the week, so many of them find time to work on their music on the weekends. They might start something on saturday and have something to show by Sunday. As soon as the release while they wait for feedback they go through the timeline listening to others users music during the next days. I have to say that this is just an hypothesis, is just an explanation for a behaviour I was able to observe from my numbers.

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Set up a perfect Soundcloud profile that sets you up for success on the platform and beyond. There are so many great ways to utilise Soundcloud and really build your profile. Get to know:
1. Consistency is key
Firstly, make sure your URL is the same as your other socials. If your Facebook is then your Soundcloud should be . The same goes for your Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Mixcloud, YouTube and every other platform you utilise.
2. First impressions!
Artists need to think about their imagery and branding from the get-go. Even if it means not setting up a page for a few months until you have that perfect picture taken or a friend has designed a winning logo, really striking visuals will instantly grab people’s attention.
3. Include the essential information
Keep your bio description as minimal and lean as possible. Make it short, punchy and any label affiliations or big DJ or radio support you’ve had so far. Most importantly, ensure a contact email address is clear and visible for bookings, remix or label requests.
4. Include all your socials
Don’t leave any site out: Your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube accounts should all be included. This means your Fame Music account too!
5. Follow artists you’re into
This might seem a little obvious, but so many artists simply upload their tracks and seemingly ignore the fact that many of their peers and influences also use Soundcloud. By doing so means you won’t enjoy the other massive benefit of Soundcloud – finding new music! Following artists will also come in handy with the community aspect of Soundcloud… which we’ll get to in a moment.

Your music is your passion, and that’s a wonderful thing. But if it’s also your business, then you’re going to have to spend some time outside of the studio promoting it.

Of course, if you can get maximum reach with minimum effort, all the better. Here are our top tips to answer your question: How to promote my music on SoundCloud in a good way.

  1. Consider going “PRO.”
    If it’s in your budget, $15 a month for SoundCloud’s Pro Unlimited account will give you a few powerful tools to help maximize your promoting efforts in less time, giving you more hours to spend doing what you love: playing music.2. Perform Live Online.
    Get onStageit.comand connect directly with your fans. This platform will allow you to broadcast a live streaming show directly from your laptop to your fans all over the world.23. Build an Email List.
    Give your fans a chance to keep up with your concert dates, new releases on SoundCloud, and other events by subscribing to your newsletter. Email is the best way to stay directly connected to your fans and there are several good tools that can help you do this such as AWeber, or MailChimp.4. Online communities/Forums.
    Be active in online communities and forums such as Reddit, Quora or the ones specific to music only such as Harmony Central or MusicDiscussion.5. YouTube Videos.
    Everybody knows that YouTube is the most popular site for music videos on the web. If you don’t have the budget for a high-quality music video, be creative (you’re a musician, after all) and make a video of yourself backstage before a show. You can even just use your smart phone or digital camera.

    6. Promoting on Social Media.
    Yes, you’re going to have to spend some time on social media to directly promote your music, as well as just connecting with fans, other musicians, and anybody in the music industry. It’s called “social” media for a reason, so join in the conversations to get your name around.

    7. Hire a Marketing Company.
    This is a good idea for two reasons. First, because doing all the promoting on Social Media by yourself is a time sucking task. Yes, you need to spend some time with your accounts personally, but if you can “outsource” the majority of it, you’ll have more time to spend on more artistic pursuits.

    The second reason that hiring a social media company is a good idea is because the good ones will already have relationships with influencers in the music industry. All you need is a few well-timed mentions by someone with tens of thousands of targeted followers to boost your audience awareness to the next level. This is a very cost-effective way to get lots of listeners fast. That is exactly what our website will provide you.

How to ger more SoundCloud followers? You’re new to SoundCloud but you’re pretty sure you have something that people want to hear. Doesn’t matter what it is. Is it music? Comedy? A talk show? Well whatever it is, this next part is going to be painful to hear.


Having interesting or engaging content will not get you followers.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter if you’re the modern day Beatles because you don’t have an initial base of followers that’ll listen to you and spread your material. Unless you spend a lot more time on promoting your content instead of creating it, you will never create your presence online.

Luckily for you, we have what you need to know on how to get more SoundCloud followers and ultimately your name as an artist.

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Your music is your passion, and that’s a wonderful thing. But if it’s also your business, then you’re going to have to spend some time outside of the studio promoting it.

Of course, if you can get maximum reach with minimum effort, all the better. Here areour seven top tips for new and upcoming artists that will help make sure that your time spent promoting your music (whether on SoundCloud or elsewhere) is well spent.

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